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Gaming at Graceland

Get Lost in the Grandeur of the American South

At Graceland casino  you can enjoy the ease and convenience of cashless gaming in a secure and safe environment with friendly table rules, strategy cards and “How to Play” brochures easily available to help you make the right calls with Graceland. Sign up for our Winners Circle gaming loyalty programme and enjoy all the additional rewards and benefits your status brings.

The Graceland casino comprises 276 slots and 19 tables split between Rockefeller's Privé with 38 machines and 5 gaming tables, the Horseshoe Casino with 126 slot machines and main casino with 130 slots and 11 tables. Slots are open 24 hours a day and offer the latest in multi-line video and reel game products with denominations from 2c to R50 with a variety of progressive jackpots and mysteries.

Graceland casino offers a total of 19 tables games - 8 American Roulette, 4 Arizona Poker, 3 Texas Hold 'Em Poker and 4 Blackjack tables in smoking and non-smoking areas – the most exclusive casino in Mpumalanga. Tables open from 11h00 until casino close.

Delightful Side Bets

Progressive Poker

Take Poker to a new level with Progressive Poker. Use your poker skills and play for the progressive pot:

The winning progressive combinations are as follows:
1. If the combined five cards compose a Royal Flush/ Straight Flush, all eligible players will split the Top progressive jackpot.
2. If the combined five cards compose a 4 of a Kind, all eligible players will split the Middle progressive jackpot.
3. If the combined five cards compose a Full House, all eligible players will split the Bottom progressive jackpot.

If any of the progressive awards are paid out, then the progressive level is reset based on the values listed in the applicable table prior to the next hand being played.

Blackjack 11's

Blackjack Elevens is the newest Tables sensation! It’s a captivating new side bet feature on the traditional Blackjack game, where the goal is 11. See how to play below:

Gaming at Graceland

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